Update on ERDF Project Nr.

ERDF Project Nr.

A significant improvement on the control of various electrical parameters was achieved in the last couple of months due to the planned upgrades of the power supply unit. New limits of coating preparation can be achieved now with higher voltages (up to 1000V) as well as with vastly improved software and automated control algorithms allowing uninterrupted change of any desired parameter in time. This modification allows the in-depth studies of effects of high voltage on coating formation process and implementation of RE ions in it. In addition, the stability of the power supply was improved allowing extra-long processing time on high loads. This is important for the different oxide phase formation as recrystallisation occurs only at longer processing times.

With the new setup a new set of samples was prepared and further optimization of parameters is undergoing. The main aim is to improve PEO coating to match and exceed the performance of similar materials in other forms.

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