Longitudinal spin-relaxation in nitrogen-vacancy centers in electron irradiated diamond

A. Jarmola, A. Berzins, J. Smits, K. Smits, J. Prikulis, F. Gahbauer, R. Ferber, D. Erts, M. Auzinsh, and D.

We present systematic measurements of longitudinal relaxation rates (1=T1) of spin polarization in
the ground state of the nitrogen-vacancy (NV–) color center in synthetic diamond as a function
of NV– concentration and magnetic field B. NV– centers were created by irradiating a Type 1b
single-crystal diamond along the [100] axis with 200 keV electrons from a transmission electron
microscope with varying doses to achieve spots of different NV– center concentrations. Values of
(1=T1) were measured for each spot as a function of B

Applied Physics Letters 107, 242403 (2015);

doi: 10.1063/1.4937489

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