Raman, electron microscopy and electrical transport studies of x-ray amorphous Zn-Ir-O thin lms deposited by reactive DC magnetron sputtering

M. Zubkins, R. Kalendarev, J. Gabrusenoks, K. Smits, K. Kundzins,
K. Vilnis, A. Azens, J. Purans

Abstract. Zn-Ir-O thin lms on glass and Ti substrates were deposited by reactive DC
magnetron sputtering at room temperature. Structural and electrical properties were
investigated as a function of iridium concentration in the lms. Raman spectrum of Zn-Ir-
O (61.5 at.% Ir) resembles the spectrum of rutile IrO2, without any distinct features of wurtzite
ZnO structure. SEM images indicated that morphology of the lms surface improves with
the iridium content. EDX spectroscopy and cross-section SEM images revealed that the lms
growing process is homogeneous. Crystallites with approximately 2 – 5 nm size were discovered
in the TEM images. Thermally activated conductivity related to the variable range hopping
changes to the non-thermally activated before iridium concentration reaches the 45 at.%.

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 77 (2015) 012035


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