Project ERDF Project Nr. Phosphorescent coatings prepared by plasma electrolytic oxidation update

PEO A certain project milestone has been recently achieved and luminescent coatings with sufficient luminescence intensity to be seen by the naked eye have been acquired. We will continue our work on intensity and luminescence afterglow parameter improvement and it certainly looks like we’re moving in the right direction although of course there’s tons of work still ahead of us.

A publication studying optical properties of strontium aluminate has been submitted and is being reviewed.

We’re also happy to announce that starting September Boriss Poļakovs and Krišjānis Auziņš have joined the project and are actively working to contribute to project’s successful ongoing.

Improvements on PEO reactor chamber (see photo) have been  made to insure better repeatability and constant results, allowing to study the coatings with greater detail and less errors. Technical improvements have also been made to aluminum samples – it is now possible to split the samples into smaller pieces with absolutely no potential damage to the coating.

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