Magnetron sputtering fabrication of α-Al2O3:Cr powders and their thermoluminescence properties

Larisa Grigorjeva, Aleksejs Zolotarjovs, Donats Millers, Krisjanis Smits, Peter Krug, Johannes Stollenwerk, Alan Osman, Thomas Tenostendarp

For many years doped α-Al2O3 has attracted interest as a dosimeter for personal, environment monitoring and food control. The alumina single crystal growth is a difficult process; however, materials in form of powders, ceramics and coating are possible to obtain. In this study for the first time Cr doped α-Al2O3powders were prepared by DC reactive magnetron sputtering followed by milling and oxidation. The morphology and phase analysis was performed; content of residual impurities was determined and thermostimulated glow curves were measured after different x-ray irradiation times (radiation doses). The prepared powder shows the dosimetry properties up to 20 kGy dose.

Published in Radiation Measurements

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