Luminescence spectroscopy

Different excitation sources are available: pulsed electron beam accelerator (10 ns, 270 keV, 1012 el/pulse), X-rays, YAG:Nd laser (266 nm, 532 nm), nitrogen laser (337 nm), conventional Deuterium and Xenon lamps.

Automatic systems are used for luminescence detection – diffraction monochromator with photomultiplier on exit slit or spectrometer with CCD camera. Time-resolved luminescence is detected using photon counting module and multichannel memory module with minimal time bin 250 ps. Also, luminescence and absorption detection using a fast digital storage oscilloscope is possible.

The equipments for luminescence excitation spectra measurements with two momochromators (Horiba iHR320 and Jobin Yvon TRIAX320)

The equipment for TSL studies with different temperature control modes and software for activation energies calculation.