Krisjanis Smits


Dr. phys. Krisjanis Smits

Leading researcher, Institute Solid State Physics, University of Latvia


  1. University of Latvia. Doctoral degree in Physics
  2. Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, University of Latvia, MSc in Physics
  3. Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, University of Latvia, BSc in Physics


From 2010 senior researcher LU ISSP
2007 – 2010 LU ISSP; researcher
2005.08 – 2007.04 LU ISSP; assistant
2000.09 – 2005.08 LU ISSP; laboratory assistant

During this working period in ISSP UL Krisjanis Smits was participated in implementation of a number of research projects. The work tasks over 15 years covered wide area – from development of electronic circuits for measurement equipment including software programming followed by acquisition of new methods and investigations of nanomaterials properties and at present concerning on plasma electrochemical oxidation of metals. He was involved in different researches with companies and in some joint research projects he was the leader of scientific team. Currently he is also the chief operator of the TEM microscope (FEI Tecnai G20) at ISSP UL.


The fast processes studies in solids by time-resolved optical methods.
Electron microscopy SEM, TEM.
Elemental and structural studies of solids.
Nanocrystals and nanostructured materials preparation and characterization.
Design and development of laboratory equipment.
Preparation oxide coatings by plasma electrochemical oxidation method.

RECENT PUBLICATIONS Total 52 SCI publications, h index 9 (Scopus)

  1. Smits et al./ Luminescence of Eu ion in alumina prepared by plasma electrolyticoxidation, Applied Surface Science 337 (2015) 166–171
  2. Smits et al./ Luminescence properties of zirconia nanocrystals prepared by solar physical vapor deposition, Optical Materials 37 (2014) 251–256
  3. Smits et al./ The role of Nb in intensity increase of Er ion upconversion luminescence in zirconia, Journal of Applied Physics, 115 (2014) , 213520, .
  4. Smits et al./ Up-conversion luminescence dependence on structure in zirconia nanocrystals, Optical Materials 35 (2013) 462–466
  5. Smits et al./ Intrinsic defect related luminescence in ZrO2, Journal of Luminescence 131 (2011) 2058.
  6. Smits et al./ Europium doped zirconia luminescence, Optical Materials 32 (2010) 827-831.


International patent: PCT/IB2012/050698 (WO2012110967) “Method of measuring the oxygen content in the gases”