In Memoriam

In August 2019, Larisa Grigorjeva, a habilitated Doctor of Physics and a long time employee at the Solid State institute of Physics at the University of Latvia, has passed away. The results of her scientific research have gained international attention and her significant contribution to Latvian science has been highly appreciated by the Latvian Academy of Sciences, awarding her the Edgars Siliņš Name Award and the title of Emeritus Scientist of Latvia. Larisa Grigorieva has organized and led a number of scientific projects, including international ones, in her 15-years of being the head of the Solid State Radiation Laboratory. It has been the basis for the development of the current UL ISSP Optical Materials Laboratory. Successfully combining research with teaching, under the leadership of Larisa Grigorieva many Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees have been successfully obtained. LU CFI has lost an active researcher, Larisa Grigorjeva, and colleagues are saddened by her departure and will keep her in her memory.