Hybrid Tribo-Piezo-Electric Nanogenerator with Unprecedented Performance Based on Ferroelectric Composite Contacting Layers

It was recently reported that more efficient triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG)-like devices can be prepared using inversely polarized ferroelectric films made of same material as the contacting layers. In the present work, a clear correlation between the piezoelectric response of inversely polarized ferroelectric PVDF/BaTiO3 nanocomposite films and the performance of the TENG-like device based on these films is demonstrated. This observation is explained by magnified electrostatic induction that is driven by piezoelectric charges and ferroelectric properties of these films. A double capacitor model is proposed that effectively portrays the interactions between ferroelectric layers during contact-separation and subsequent charge redistributions in the external circuit. The new understanding has allowed the result of 3-fold higher open circuit voltages (2.7 kV from 5 cm2) as compared to that of a state of the art TENG. Furthermore, findings uncover the potential for vast improvement in the field of nanogenerators for mechanical energy harvesting as a significantly better piezoelectric performance of flexible nanogenerators has been reported elsewhere.

DOI: 10.1021/acsaem.9b00836