The search for defects in undoped SrAl2O4 material

A new publication in the frame of ERDF Project Nr. on fundamental processes in phosphorescent materials has been published.

Virginija Vitola, Donats Millers, Krisjanis Smits, Ivita Bite, Aleksejs Zolotarjovs

SrAl2O4:Eu,Dy is a very efficient long afterglow phosphor with wide range of possible applications. The luminescence properties and the possible luminescence mechanism of this material have been studied extensively, but there is almost no information available about the undoped material. Therefore, this article deals with the luminescence and thermally stimulated luminescence of an undoped SrAl2O4, revealing the possible defects that might be involved in the creation of the long afterglow in doped material. We conclude that undoped material exhibits some luminescence under X-ray irradiation in low temperature; close to room temperatures luminescence is almost fully thermally quenched in comparison to low temperatures. We can observe F and F2 center luminescence as wellas trace metal luminescence inthe emission spectrum.TSL glow curveyields the peaksthat are close to those observed in material with Eu and Dy doping; therefore these peaks are clearly related to intrinsic defects. The peak at around 400K, that is shifting with rare earth doping, might be due to dopant interaction with intrinsic defects.

Published in Optical Materials

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